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Purple Glow

Finding your Music Sparkle!

Music has always added a sparkle in my life and I'm committed to spreading this sparkle to all my students. I strongly believe that everyone should have access to music learning. I'm always eager to find innovative ways into teaching music and embrace the effective use of technology to accelerate music learning. 


“I know Ms Nisreen to be a very dedicated and passionate music teacher. In particular, I like her ability to recognize the strength of every child she comes across and always able to find creative ways to engage her students. It was a great pleasure for my children to have her as their music teacher."


"Nisreen a talented teacher and musician who has helped my daughter develop very important skills in music and has given her endless opportunities to express her passion for music. She always goes over and behold to helper students grow and build up their confidence. Nisreen's love for music is contagious, I was always impressed to see the progress of my daughter and the beautiful concerts she led for her students. Nisreen is not only a great music teacher, but an amazing role model of all her students. We truly miss her in Repton Abu Dhabi School "


"Nisreen is one of the best piano teachers I have ever met. She was a teacher in my kids school and she showed an incredible ability to teach students at all year group with the same enthusiasm which makes the learning process more fun for all of them.  Can’t forget her effort during the pandemic and how she engaged our kids virtually and maintained their mental health with her inspiring lessons. We loved to see her always wearing something related to music, skirt or dress with musical notes. A laptop with music stickers. She is passionate about music. We were privileged to have her in our school. "

All About Me

I'm a piano teacher, special music educator and Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS).


I hold a piano diploma from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM). I continued  higher education in Canada with a Graduate Research Certificate in Piano Pedagogy Research, a Master’s of Arts in with a thesis in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Ottawa, and a Masters in Music Education with Université Laval, Canada.

I have been teaching for several years in group and private settings as well as elementary and secondary. I was honoured to be featured as Teacher of the Week in Education Journal of the Middle East during my work as Head of Music at Repton Abu Dhabi school. I have been a member of the teacher committee who created an innovative music curriculum for public schools in the UAE. Currently, I teach music at Opus Academy in Navan and at my private studio. 


I really enjoy teaching music and conducting workshops and seminars to promote early music education. Even though I'm a pianist, I also enjoy playing accordion, ukulele and guitar and any other instrument I can put my hands on! 

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